HR & Benefits

Your paycheck does not represent your entire compensation from the company. Based on your benefit classification, you are eligible to participate in other benefits.

If you ever have any questions concerning any of these benefits email

Eligibility Classifications

Your eligibility for benefits will be based on your classification. The benefit classifications andaadefinitions are as follows:

  • Class 1 – Full-Time Associate (36 Hours or More per Week)
    • Health Insurance — Associates who average 36 hours per week will be eligible for health insurance on the first day of the month following 60 days of employment. Use the links above for more details.
    • Dental / Life, STD & LTD/Vision — eligibility will be the first day of the month following 60 days of employment
    • 401(k) – eligibility requires six full calendar months of employment coinciding with the next quarterly enrollment period.
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    • Holiday Pay — must be employed 30 days prior to Holiday to receive Holiday pay. See Page 11 for details.
    • PTO — eligibility
  • Class 2 – Regular Part-Time Associate (30-35 Hours per Week)
    • Health Insurance — Associates who average 30 hours per week will be eligible for health insurance on the first day of the month following 60 days of employment.
    • Dental / Life, STD & LTD/Vision — eligibility will be the first day of the month following 60 days of employment.
    • 401(k) – eligibility requires six full calendars months of employment coinciding with the next quarterly enrollment.
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    • Holiday Pay & PTO — After completion of 12 months of employment averaging at least 30-35 hours per week, the associate will be eligible for one-half of a full-time associate’s benefit.
      • Example: Hired July 17, 2014
        • August 31, 2015—earns 4 hrs.
        • Sept 31—Dec 31 —earns 4 hrs. each month
  • Class 3 – Regular Part-Time Associate (29 or Fewer Hours per Week)
    • 401(k) – eligibility requires six full calendar months of employment coinciding with the next quarterly enrollment. You must work a part of each pay period as this is a payroll deduction.
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Benefits Guide

At Carter Myers Automotive, our associates and their families are our most important asset. We can’t
operate without our team, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive package of flexible and affordable benefits. On top of a paycheck, these benefits offer you peace of mind and help you care for yourself and your family. The guide below summarizes your benefit options with rates covering September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023.

To view your benefits, make changes to existing benefits, or for specific plan documents & information go to our benefits portal, Employee Navigator

A login is required to access Employee Navigator. If you need help resetting your log-in information please contact If you are registering for Employee Navigator for the first time, our Company Identifier is: Carter Myers

To make the most out of your company benefits we encourage all associates to utilize the HealthJoy benefits App. HealthJoy is a free to all associates and helps our associates make better healthcare decisions, and save money. The App gives you access to free Teledoc, virtual Dr. appointments.

You will need an account activation link to sign up for the benefit. Please go here to request an activation email:

Other information about the HealthJoy program can be found here:


A 401 (k) is a retirement savings plan. You can defer a percentage amount of your compensation and make a contribution to your Tax Deferred Savings Plan on a per pay basis. The company also does a partial match to your 401(k). Read more …

Self Service Guide

Complete handout guide below.

  • Update direct deposit
  • Reset Password (in site or app)
  • PTO requests and Balance (in site or app)
  • Print W-2 (website only)
  • Change Tax withholding (website only)
  • Access paystubs (in site or app)
  • Print Paystubs (website only)
  • Change of address, personal phone number, personal email address

  • Access your insurance cards and policy numbers
  • Contact information for all insurance providers
  • 24 Hour Tele-med appointments
  • Find a provider
  • Rx Savings

  • Review your benefits coverage, bi-weekly deductions, and enrollment information
  • Contact information for all insurance providers and Integrum Advisors Client Advocate
  • Request coverage change for Qualified Life Event
  • Update dependent and personal information
  • Make benefits selections at time of new hire and Open Enrollment
Employee Assistance Program

We understand that our associates will have times when they are faced with challenging personal situations. While we all may wish we could just ignore these things, it’s not always possible. As a way to help our associates through challenging situations, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to all CMA associates (FT and PT, and you are not required to be signed up for other benefits).

Our Employee Assistance Program is a counseling and consultation service that can help provide confidential support, customized resources and referrals, along with practical information on many work/life/home topics such as child care, legal resources, and financial planning.

Our EAP allows associates to have unlimited telephone and online support as well as offering 3 free face-to-face counseling sessions (per individual, per issue, per year).

ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Program

Your company participates in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) through the parent company, Carter Myers Automotive. This does not imply an employment relationship between the parent company and you, but allows you to participate in the overall growth of the parent company. Read more …

PTO Planned Time Off

Planned Time Off or PTO Leave encompasses vacation, sick time, family sick, funeral leave, inclement weather conditions and other personal time off. Read more …

Gift of Time

Gift of Time (Paid Time Off Donation) Policy. CMA was created by ordinary people accomplishing
extraordinary things. In support of this culture, we have a policy that enables employees to donate their Paid Time Off to another employee in need of time off from work.
Applies to All CMA full-time and part-time employees. The Gift of Time Policy provides our employees the opportunity to assist another employee who is facing a personal, serious illness or injury or caring for an immediate family member who has a serious illness or injury. See Policy Below

CMA’s Gift of Time Request Form

CMA’s Gift of Time Donation Form

Observed/Paid Holidays

We have six (6) observed holidays each year. This means you will receive holiday pay but it doesn’t mean that we will be closed that day. The General Manager at each dealership will decide and communicate holiday hours that are appropriate for the needs of our customers and their individual market. Read more …

FMLA Family & Medical Leave

Our company will comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) implementing regulations as revised effective February 2013. The company posts the mandatory FMLA Notice and upon hire all new associates receive the website address and login for Associate Handbook and Policy as described below. The company uses a “rolling” 12-month period measured backward from the date of any FMLA leave usage to determine eligibility. Read more …

Training & Education

Our company conducts training programs for associates on the job and at factory training schools and at other locations deemed necessary or desirable by the company. Read more …

Moving Lives Forward Scholarships

Children of CMA Associates are eligible to apply. Students who attend a technical or vocational school, community college, or four year college can apply (February each year) Read more …

Rewards & Purchases

In order to reward associates for special efforts in certain areas, we have established a monetary award for qualified associates. Read more …

Direct Deposit/Monday Card

Our company pays bi-weekly or for Sales, bi-monthly. All associates will receive their pay via direct deposit. If you do not have a bank account, your payroll office can issue you a money card, which offers many free benefits and allows for electronic payroll processing. You can retrieve your paystub through Paylocity.

Financial Wellness

CMA has partnered with Truist bank to offer a Financial Wellness program to all of our associates.

This is a free program designed to be used by anyone, regardless of your financial situation. Whether you’re thinking of buying a home, investing for retirement, increasing your savings, improving your credit score, or planning a vacation, you’ll find the tools and advice to make it happen. The information in the program is held confidentially with Truist bank and CMA has no access to the data. It is simply a resource for you and your family to help achieve your financial best.

To learn more and register for the program go to:

  1. Enter your name and company email address
  2. Enter the registration code: CMA
  3. Enter a unique password and click “Register”

If you have any questions, please email

Social Security & Medicare

Please use these links for official government information:

United States Social Security Administration:

The Official US Government Site for Medicare: